Publications & Media Features

ISACA Board Director Niel Harper Secures a Role on the Professional Standards Working Group of UK Cyber Security Council
N. Harper
BusinessWire (May 2023)

Privacy Compliance in Barbados: What Does It Really Mean?
N. Harper
Institute of Chartered Accountants of Barbados (May 2023)

Regulating AI Tech is No Longer an Option: It’s a Must!
N. Harper
ISACA Now Blog (April 2023)

The Imposter Syndrome Network Podcast – Interview with Niel Harper
N. Harper, C. Grundemann, Zöe Rose
The Imposter Syndrome Network Podcast (February 2023)

Cybersecurity and its Impact on Internal Audit
N. Harper
Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) – Chapter Presentation (February 2023)

Will your incident response team fight or freeze when a cyberattack hits?
M. Pratt, N. Harper, B. McKeown, C. Hughes, E. Skoudis, N. Kromberg, P. Chan, T. Randall
CSO Online (February 2023)

12 steps to building a top-notch vulnerability management program
M. Pratt, N. Harper, D. Floyd, A. Holden, W. MacMillan, F. Kim, P. Chestna
CSO Online (May 2022)

The evolution of cyber risk and why more companies are considering captives
R. Delaney, N. Harper, R. Sadler, T. Powell, A. Gedge, P. Wöhrmann
Captive Insurance Times, pg 18-22 (May 2022)

Ransomware has “changed the game” of cyber insurance
N. Harper, R. Delaney
Captive Insurance Times (March 2022)

12 CISO resolutions for 2022
M. Pratt, N. Harper, S. Karki, M. Van Horenbeeck, P. Albert, A. Devoto, G. Gibson, A. Weintraub, T. Velleca, L. Smart, B. Baybeck, J. Marinkovic
CSO Online (January 2022)

The UK Seeks to Enforce Tough Standards on MSPs
N. Harper
CircleID (January 2022)

Why the humanitarian sector needs to make cybersecurity a priority
N. Harper, D. Dobrygowski
World Economic Forum (January 2022)

Dissecting the 2022 UK Cyber Security Strategy: The “Whole of Society” Approach
N. Harper
CircleID (January 2022)

Cloud Security Trends: What is Cybersecurity Mesh?
N. Harper, D. Bisson
IBM Security Intelligence (January 2022)

The UK’s National Cyber Strategy signals a more ‘proactive’ approach to cyber power
C. Glover, N. Harper, T. Stevens, J. Sullivan
Tech Monitor (December 2021)

Five Cybersecurity Takeaways from the ARIN 48 Keynote and Panel
L. Nobile, N. Harper, C. Elverson, D. Leaning, D. Montgomery
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) 48th Meeting (November 2021)

Ransomware: To Pay or Not to Pay? And… How Not to Pay!
N. Harper, A. Hay, L. Whiteside Jr.
Infosecurity Magazine Autumn Online Summit (September 2021)

8 pitfalls that undermine security program success
M. Pratt, N. Harper, T. Velleca, A. Morrison, J. Budge, O. Moolchandani
CSO Online (September 2021)

ARIN/CaribNOG Technical Community Forum Recap
N. Harper, B. Wooding
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) Community Forum (May 2021)

Bridging the Digital Divide: ISACA Technology for Humanity Award Winner
N. Harper
ISACA (May 2021)

Child Online Protection (COP) – Why? Who? How?
N. Harper
African Advanced Level Telecoms Institute (AFRALTI) Child Online Protection Workshop (April 2021)

Incoming ISACA Board Features Experienced Leaders, Diverse Backgrounds
D. Samuelson, N. Harper, G. Hernández-Cardoso, P. Nigro, J. De Santis, V. Rose, G. Touhill, M. O’Connell, G. Schmid, A. Weisberg, T. Dedrick, B. Baybeck, R. Clyde
ISACA (March 2021)

Considerations for data privacy in a digital age
N. Harper, K. Davis-Owusu
ExpertsConnect (September 2020)

Expert insights on cyber threats and security, with Niel Harper
N. Harper, M. Marius
ICT Pulse (April 2020)

No More Obscurity
L. Haug, N. Harper, X. Bing, J.L. Morone
World Economic Forum (July 2019)

Should Domain Names be Considered ‘Contracts for Service’ or ‘Property Rights?’
N. Harper
CircleID (June 2018)

Cyber Threats and Security in the Caribbean
N. Harper, M. Marius
ICT Pulse (April 2018)

Future Thinking: Niel Harper on Cyber Threats
N. Harper
Internet Society (February 2018)

Why Bitcoin Will Not Solve the Caribbean’s Financial Inclusion Woes
N. Harper
CircleID (October 2017)

The State of Cybersecurity 2017
N. Harper
Laserfiche (September 2017)

Cibersegurida y las operaciones de negocios: ochos razones a considerar
N. Harper, F. Maradiaga
Revista Seguridad y Sociedad, Anos 7, No. 15, pg 29-33 (July 2017)

Does ICANN’s UDRP Preserve Free Speech and Allow Room for Criticism
N. Harper
CircleID (June 2017)

8 Reasons Why Cybersecurity Strategy and Business Operations are Inseparable
N. Harper
CircleID (May 2017)

6 Tips for Protecting Against Ransomware
N. Harper
Internet Society (May 2017)

From Fragmentation to Integration to Harmonisation: Outlining the Requirements for Effective Cyber Legislation Across CARICOM States
N. Harper
University of Strathclyde (December 2016)

Towards a Single Telecoms Market: Analysing the Strengths and Weaknesses of BEREC
N. Harper
University of Strathclyde (January 2016)

Interview with Niel Harper – Chief Information Officer (CIO), Bermuda Commercial Bank
N. Harper, C. Bridgewater, C. McInnes
2015 KPMG Banking in Bermuda Magazine, pg 39 (August 2015)