ISACA Board Director Niel Harper Secures a Role on the Professional Standards Working Group of UK Cyber Security Council

“The UK Cyber Security Council has announced that Niel Harper, a cybersecurity executive and member of the ISACA Board of Directors, has secured a role in its Professional Standards Working Group. This appointment is an important recognition of Harper’s expertise and contributions to the field of cybersecurity.”

Workforce development is critically important to the security and resilience of nation states (and organizations as a matter of fact). There is diversity in the breadth and depth of cyber security skills required across government. These include deep technical skills and the non-technical cyber security skills that are needed across other specialisms and professions, such as digital, policy, commercial and assurance.

Guided by the standards and pathways established by the UK Cyber Security Council, the UK government will develop its understanding of the range of cyber security skills and knowledge required across government and will respond accordingly, ensuring that its workforce is inclusive and diverse.

I am honoured to have been chosen to join the Professional Standards Working Group of the UK Cyber Security Council. Collaborating with top experts in the field to shape the future of cybersecurity standards in the UK is an exciting opportunity.