Regulating AI Tech is No Longer an Option: It’s a Must!

“Responsible, ethical use of AI is the key. From a corporate perspective, business leaders need to articulate why they are planning to use AI and how it will benefit individuals. Companies should develop policies and standards for monitoring algorithms and enhancing data governance and be transparent with the results of AI algorithms. Corporate leadership should establish and define company values and AI guidelines, creating frameworks for determining acceptable uses of AI technologies.

Achieving the delicate balance between innovation and human-centered design is the optimal approach for developing responsible technology and guaranteeing that AI delivers on its promise for this and future generations. Discussions of the risks and harms of artificial intelligence should always be front and center, so leaders can find solutions to deliver the technology with human, social and economic benefits as core underlying principles.”

I recently wrote a short piece on the ISACA Now Blog explaining why a robust framework of laws and regulations are needed for the potential of “AI” to be truly realised.

Check it out and let me know your thoughts!

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