SnapChat Allows You to Send Messages and Photos that Quickly Disappear

A sore point for many as it pertains to the big data phenomenon is the fact that the notion of privacy is pretty much just that… a notion. We no longer have any control over our personal data that is aggregated and archived whenever we fill out online forms, post our pics on the web, chat with friends or tweet updates on our lives. Enter Snapchat; a mobile phone app that allows you to send messages and photos that disappear quickly into the ‘ether’. I wonder if there’s a sustainable business model for an application like this, especially given the present Internet culture?

Those Billionaires Were Pretty Slick With Their Crude LIE, And We’re Too Thick To Notice

R-A-P-E is illegal, but P-R-O-F-I-T is simply a five letter word. It’s always interesting to see how many lies will be perpetuated, and how many lives will be destroyed in the name of profit. Big oil has been working its media magic on us for years; allowing us to feel secure about our hyper-consumerism with little afterthought to the far-reaching impacts. This short video concisely touches on the mistruths being peddled around fossil fuels and the energy ‘revolution’ that is hydraulic fracturing (fracking).